World Community Day

“Living Our Faith, Unlocking Action”     
November 4, 2011

World Community Day, celebrated annually in the first week of November, is an ecumenical service that brings women and men together to share their aspirations and challenges.Throughout the 70 years of Church Women United’s history, ecumenical action has been the means for work for peace and justice. This year’s WCD relates the goals from Micah of justice and mercy to Jesus’ demand that we re examine our own hypocrisy.  Only then can action be unlocked. The logo depicts an explosion of actions bursting forth from an unlocked trunk.  Past actions will inspire the women of today towards future action. Micah 6:1-8 and Matthew 23:23-28 were the texts for the Bible Study written by Rev Myrna Bethke.  Writers Joan Brown and Cathy Smith invite us to examine our approach to “unlocking action” in our communities