Uniting Church Minister receives Lund Award

Rev'd Don Dowling with Mr David Sibley

On Saturday 1st October at the General Meeting of the Council of Churches WA, the Rev’d Don Dowling of Wesley Uniting Church was nominated for the “Lund Award” for Ecumenical Excellence.

Don was nominated by the Perth Prayer Group who use Wesley Church each week for a multicultural and ecumenical gathering of people who meet each Wendesday at 12.00 noon to sing, pray and hear testimonies and stories of the Christian Faith.  Mr David Sibley and Mr Ramzy Sawiris were both involved in initiating this group which has grown to include between 50 and 100 people each week.  Mr Sibley said that “without the assistance of Don and Wesley Church in giving the group a home, he was unsure how the group would have flourished”

Rev’d Dowling was moved to receive this award saying that “it was the first award he had won”.     The ecumenical Lund principle was initiated in 1952 at the World Council of Churches Faith and Order Conference held in Lund, Sweden.  The Conference stated that “Churches should act together in all matters except those in which deep differences of conviction compel them to act separately“.

This principle undergirds the ecumenical movement and has provided a framework for churches working and learning together over the years.

We congratulate Rev’d Dowling, and affirm his support of this particular ecumenical endeavour.