Sustainable September Resources

Sustainable September is almost upon us and the Congregational resources are now available. These are ecumenical resources including bible studies, liturgical resources and, in a new development, resources for Children’s’ Ministry. The CCWA secretariat has worked with member churches to produce these excellent resources and encourages their use.

The Resources

This year‟s resources are comprised of:

  • Worship Resources;
  • Bible Study Resources; and
  • Children‟s Ministry Resources

All of these resources are available to download from The Uniting Church’s Green Church website.

The children’s resources prepared this year are designed to be used in the part of the service where the children leave for their activities, or could be used in a Kid’s Club environment. These resources were prepared by Rev Chris Bedding, the General Secretary (interim) of the Council of Churches of WA.

The bible study resources are a series of four studies relating to the theme of climate change. Each week has a slightly different focus:

  • Week One — Climate Change: A Challenge to Creation
  • Week Two — Climate Change: A Challenge to the Heart
  • Week Three — Climate Change: A Challenge to You and Me
  • Week Four — Climate Change: A Challenge to the Christian Community.

These studies were prepared by Rev Evan Pederick, Elaine Ledgerwood, Rev Neville Watson and Rosemary Hudson Miller. Each person brings a slightly different perspective on climate change, and asks different questions for you to reflect upon. While we have suggested an order in which to undertake the four studies, it is also easy enough for individuals or Bible study groups to “pick and choose” studies.

Complete liturgies have been produced by Rev Marion Millin for use in Uniting Church congregations. Congregations can choose to use these orders of service as provided, or you may decide to cut and paste parts of the orders of service to create services to suit your congregation (resources are available online).

Hymn and song suggestions are included in the introduction to the worship resources. Prayers of intercession and other prayers as required for each week and can be cut and pasted into pew or notice sheets for other traditions. Particular thanks to Rev Tony Trethowan, Rev Lynne Eastoe and Rev Angela Webb of the Anglican Diocese of Perth for preparing the Prayers of Intercession for weeks 2-4 respectively.

We hope that these resources will assist you in providing a space in your congregations and parishes to consider climate change and a Christian response to it.