Sustainable September Resources from the Uniting Church

―In the beginning, the Spirit moved over the waters…‖. In the End, the water of life will flow from the throne of God into the heavenly Jerusalem. From the earliest creation accounts to the apocalyptic vision, God‘s work has related to water. God gave the first couple not only a garden in which to live, but water to drink and to grow their garden. The Kingdom has not yet come, and today water resources throughout the planet are under severe challenge. Nowhere is this more evident than in Australia, the world‘s driest continent. Christians are the guardians of God‘s good creation and agents of the Kingdom of God. We cannot be indifferent to the crisis facing the waters of the earth and the communities which rely upon them.

For Sustainable September 2011, we reflect on the water issues globally and in our state, Western Australia. We have chosen readings that lift up this theme of water and invite us to reflect on God‘s work with water, both in creation and in salvation. Out of these biblical reflections, we invite congregations to explore specific ways by which they could respond