Spending Time with God

Approaches to prayer across our different Churches sometimes involve different aspects which seem quite strange or confusing to others.  Yet spiritual ecumenism is one of the most invigorating areas of our life together.  The NSWEC Theological Reflections Commission is therefore pleased to announce a new resource which can both shed light on differences and offer very helpful opportunities for deeper prayer and spiritual growth together.  Entitled Spending Time with God this prayer and discussion booklet is ideal for study/prayer groups in all kinds of settings.  Comprising of five sessions it includes information and questions for discussion and allows time for prayer.  The sessions can be used in any sequence and the resource is equally useable at any time in the liturgical year or during special periods such as Advent or Lent.  Spending Time with God grew out of the symposia held by the NSW Ecumenical Council in 2008, marking 100 years since the founding of the Octave of Prayer for Christian Unity.  It draws on the contributions made by the speakers from various Christian traditions and represents another gift of God for wider reception.

The Council of Churches of Western Australia has a copy for Perusal to the first person who calls the office on (08) 9274 3888. If there is sufficient interest, we can organise an order, otherwise you can order more copies from the NSW Ecumenical Council for $5/copy. More info.