Seeking Asylum in Australia: What Happens to Rejected Asylum Seekers?

Public Lecture by Phil Glendenning
Where: Curtin University Bank West Lecture Theatre
When: Thursday 25th June
Time: 7:00pm (Come early to see the display of ASeTTS’ services and SBS documentary A Well Founded Fear from 5:00 to 7:00pm)
Cost: Gold Coin Donation

Phil Glendenning, Director of the Edmund Rice Centre in Sydney, is co-author of Deported to Danger and Deported to Danger II, research reports which documented the fate of asylum seekers rejected by the Australian government and deported back to countries deemed to be “safe”. These reports formed the basis of the documentary film made by November Films A Well Founded Fear which was shown on SBS in November 2009 and graphically showed the tragic results of some of these deportation decisions.

But what has happened since then and has the new federal Labor Government’s policy and approach to asylum seekers changed anything? What is wrong with Australia’s assessment and screening process of asylum seekers and how should Australia approach the issue of providing safe haven to people fleeing terrible situations in their homelands? What role can ordinary citizens play in influencing the national “attitude” to asylum seekers and refugees?

Phil Glendenning will address these and other questions in a thought provoking and timely presentation marking the 2009 UN international Day in Support of Survivors of Torture.

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