Refugee and Migrant Sunday Kits here

This education kit is designed to be informative and inspiring. It provides information for schools, churches and the wider community about refugees. The kit is prepared for Refugee and Migrant Sunday (31 August 2008), but it can be used at any time of the year.

This year’s kit looks at the ongoing conflict in Iraq and assesses the impact five years after the US-led invasion on 19 March 2003. It describes the violent civil war sparked by the invasion and the grim future facing Iraq?s civilians and refugees. You can use this sheet to:

  • Reflect on the refugee crisis
  • Raise awareness of the situation
  • Find out more and take action
  • Hold a worship service (see p. 11)

Refugee and Migrant Sunday is an ecumenical program designed to raise awareness of the plight of refugees and displaced peoples. It is held every year in hundreds of churches around Australia to raise awareness and support for refugees.

Find out more at the act for peace website.