Prayer for those affected by the Victorian bushfire

From Rod Benson, (Ethicist and Director of Public Theology, Tinsley Institute, Morling College, NSW.

For our losses
Today, Lord God, we join together with all Victorians,
and with all Australians,
to pray for the victims of these tragic bushfires,
and for the families of those who perished.Picture: Tim Carrafa/The AustralianWe pray for the children who will go to bed tonight
without their mother or father.
We pray for the mums and dads
who have lost their precious children.
We pray for the husbands and wives who will return
to towns reduced to tears and homes reduced to ash.
We pray for the families throughout our nation
who have lost those they dearly love.
We pray for those who survived but who suffer,
and who bear the memory of the fire.
We pray for the firefighters, police officers,
ambulance officers, and emergency workers
who have served so well and toiled so long
in such terrible conditions.

We pray for relief from pain,
for healing and peace,
for comfort and restful sleep.
We pray for patience and strength,
for courage and hope,
to face another day
and walk another mile
and share another road
in the strong name of Jesus.  Amen.