One Small Step

Christians and Churches in Western Australia will be using the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, May 16-22, to take ‘One Small Step’ towards ecumenical co-operation.

The Council of Churches of Western Australia has released a set of resources to assist individuals, groups and churches to take ‘One Small Step’. Member churches are being encouraged to do small things, such as:

  • Join forces with the prayer group from another church
  • Invite friends or colleagues around for dinner and prayer
  • Invite clergy from the church down the road for breakfast and prayer
  • Go for a walk with a neighbour and pray for your local area
  • Invite leaders of another youth group to eat pizza and pray
  • Have a combined function with the men’s or women’s group from another church

Over the course of the campaign, stories of those who take ‘One Small Step’ will be published on the Council of Churches Website

Already, the members of the Council’s executive have joined in the campaign with great enthusiasm. Each of them has planned a ‘One Small Step’ event in their local area.

During the week the General Secretary of the National Council of Churches, Tara Curlewis, will be visiting Western Australia. She will take the opportunity to pray with church leaders and encourage ecumenical co-operation in the state.

For more information please contact:

Chris Bedding
Acting General Secretary, CCWA
08 9274 3888