Old Laptops for Sale

The Council of Churches have two laptops which are of no further use, and hope to pass these onto people who could use them better.

First up is a Toshiba Tecra, containing a 36GB hard drive, a 1.66ghz Intel Centrino processor and 512mb RAM. Any reasonable offer accepted.

Secondly is an LG P1 Pro Express, containing an Intel Core 2 T550 1.66Ghz, 1GB RAM, and an ATI X1400 512MB Graphics Card. $800 or highest offer $500 or highest offer

Neither Laptop contains an operating system, however we are willing to install the following options:
Ubuntu 9.10 (or other Linux platform of your choice) – $25 for installation
Windows 7 Home Premium – $122 for software, $25 for installation = $147

To register interest or to make an offer, e-mail us or call 08 9274 3888.