Oaktree Roadtrip

On the 8th – 15th May 2010, young Australians are uniting to MAKE POVERTY HISTORY in a road trip that will rock the entire nation. Departing from every capital city, 1200 Ambassadors will lead a week long campaign that will raise awareness of global poverty and encourage all Australians to join their call for change.
At schools, businesses, churches, community organisations and sporting clubs we’ll spread one message: that poverty can be ended, if only we have the will. In newspapers, magazines, radio interviews and television stunts we’ll speak with one voice: our generation can be the one to end extreme poverty.
In WA, we are calling on 100 young people aged 16 to 26 to get on board the trip of a lifetime and lead the movement to MAKE POVERTY HISTORY. Get on board for a great cause and a real adventure; at times crazy and fun, at other times challenging.
We’re uniting a generation to create a sustainable world free from the devastation of poverty. Australia must meet its promise to give 0.7% of our national income. We won’t accept 1.4 billion people living in extreme poverty, where over 24,000 children die from preventable causes every day. Help us create this world, as we journey across Australia to MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY.

To apply: www.theroadtrip.com.au (applications close March 15th)
Questions: Call Jody Lightfoot – 0404 491 494