Is the Lord among us or not?

Is the Lord among us or not?








This is the question, dark and deep

that each person asks, (if we are honest)

from time to time.

Out here in the wilderness

we thirst and we wonder

if we should ever have left Egypt.

The mighty Nile never failed to deliver

its life-renewing waters;

of them we are not so sure.

Out here in the wilderness,

away from secure streams

the questions intrude:

what will we drink tomorrow,

how shall we sustain ourselves,

our children and our animals?

Out here in the wilderness

with cracking soil, anxious crops

and lean livestock

we scan the skies and ask

whether the God who fashions clouds,

paints sunsets,

gathers snow in the heavenly storehouses

and brings to stillness the raging winds,

is still among us,

or not?


© Ken Rookes