Events and Resources for the Mind and Heart: 23rd December

In this issue: NCCA NATSIEC Conference; Dayspring Programme for 200916-20 February 2009 Christ and Culture, Christ through Culture
NCCA Natsiec Conference
Ballina Beach Resort
Ballina NSW

Explore a framework of Indigenous Theology
Understand God though indigenous culture
Indigenous interpretations of the Bible
Cultural expressions of preaching and teaching

Developing networks of support

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MARCH 2009
Contemplative Living with Philip Carter
In March 2009 Dayspring will offer a series of two workshops and a retreat with Adelaide Anglican priest Philip Carter, on the theme of “Living Contemplatively”. Philip is the Chairperson of the Australian Ecumenical Council of Spiritual Directors, and is the founder of the Julian Centre in Adelaide.

March 18th 6-8:30pm – PD for spiritual directors:
March 19th 9:30am–1pm – Open Workshop:
Friday March 20th – Sunday March 22nd – Retreat:
Mark your diary!! Philip has a deep yearning for people to find meaning and hope through telling their story, seeing God in all things, both in the beauty and the pain of creation, and to be open to the Spirit of truth.
Julian Centre Webpage:

Dayspring Retreat Programme 2009
Easter Day Retreats March 28 – “Dancing Our Sorrows” with Shelley Barlow
April 4 – Lenten All Saints retreat with Brian and Patricia Stitt
April 16 – “ Dancing Our Joys” with Shelley Barlow
May 15-17 – Celtic Retreat with Dennis Ryle
May 25-30 – Living the Wisdom of the Desert Fathers – silent retreat
May 20 – Pentecost day retreat
June 6-14 – 8-Day Ignatian Retreat with Ann Troup
Mark Your Diaries

Celtic Retreat – May 15th – 17th
In exploring the Celtic experience, we discover a period when the Church’s life in uncertain times was vibrant, robust, dynamic, relevant, effective and powerfully winsome. It may well be that ancient Celtic ways offer opportunities for followers and searchers of Jesus’ way to refine their identity and discover a new yet old way of relating to God.
Bookings now open. Brochure available

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