Ecumenical Team leads first ever KAIROS in WA

In a first for Western Australia, Acacia Prison played host to a Kairos course which concluded with a ceremony on Friday 28 May. Kairos is a local community-based Christian ministry that serves both those in prison and the families and friends of those in prison.

A team of around twenty men from churches around the state, ably assisted by interstate visitors, conducted the intensive four-day course. The participants were full of praise for the program. At the closing service, men bravely rose to address their peers and a group of visitors. They spoke of a greater understanding of God, of hope for the future, of improved morals and a renewed sense of purpose. The Kairos team committed to pray for and support the participants.

Prison Director Peter McMullin paid tribute to the Chaplaincy Team who had facilitated the long process of introducing Kairos to the prison. He described the Chaplaincy Service at Acacia Prison, led by The Reverend Alan Forsyth under the auspices of the Council of Churches, as ‘the best in the world’. This public display of support for Chaplaincy was heartening to the Council of Churches, who have long been concerned about adequate funding and resources for this vital ministry.

It is hoped that future Kairos courses can be run in WA prisons. For more information, or to offer assistance, please email