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This is an historic opportunity to take real action on climate change as a nation.

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In support of cutting carbon pollution

“A strategy is needed to move Australia (and the world) to far less dependence on fossil fuels. Ensuring that the cost of carbon pollution is paid for is an essential part of such a strategy; the market surely expects the real costs of production to be part of the product price.

“Those who oppose all forms of carbon pricing are discounting the substantial risks for all life on this planet. Oversimplified political rhetoric does everyone a disservice. Avoidance of our responsibility to reduce carbon emissions can be expected to lead to higher future costs for everyone – caused, for example, by more frequent environmental disasters and the loss of jobs to more innovative economies that are on track to a sustainable future. Poorer people and nations would suffer most. Out of concern and care for our neighbours in Australia and the world, we acknowledge and support the urgent need to mitigate climate change through reducing carbon emissions.”

– Archbishop Roger Herft, Anglican Archbishop of Perth


The Anglican EcoCare Commission, together with the world’s scientists agree that we need urgent action on climate change.

Leading economists have said that a price on carbon pollution is an effective way of driving the transition to a low emissions economy.

As a state that is particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, and with significant renewable energy resources, WA has much to gain from tackling climate change and too much to lose from inaction.


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