Dying to Live: Living to Die

Are we living, or at least trying to live at our peak? If so, we are in the process of preparing to die. This sounds like a paradox and yet the great philosopher, Seneca said, “[The person] will live badly who does not know how to die well.”

This Reflection Day will explore how living well can enable us to die well and how accepting death will help us to embrace life. Of course, as Christians, in Jesus we have the perfect model for living, but can we comfortably say that He died well?  What does His death tell us about how to die? He gave us “Comfortable Words” about what happens to us after death, but the dying itself? Woody Alan said, “I don’t mind dying. I just don’t want to be there when it happens.”tree-of-life-logoIn this day of reflection, Elizabeth will offer her acute sense of joy when in the presence of dying relatives, and the development of her understanding and wonder at the process which her current work at the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne has given her.

Through discussion and meditation, anxieties about dying will be gently, lovingly confronted, the varied emotions experienced in watching others die will be touched on.  In calmly facing our own deaths, however and whenever they arrive, the knowledge that we will be Going Home to God can only release us into the joy of life.

This Workshop will be led by Elizabeth Millett
on Saturday 18th July, from 9.30am to 3.30pm
in the Wollaston College Chapel
Cost $40 (Concession $35) including lunch

To register for this, or to find out about other Tree of Life events, contact Maria Hann on 9286 0270