Desert Spirit Journey for Young Adults


June 19-25 2010

Come and connect with the great inland desert of Australia. Travel with the Aboriginal custodians and understand who we are. Learn to find our way through the challenges that the planet is facing. God has often summoned his people to the desert, so this will be a pilgrimage and not a tour. The impressions and fears of ‘desert’ by early explorers can reveal an avenue for your own spiritual values.

You will have the opportunity to sign up for a guided desert spirit journey.

We will get out of our:
City, Church, Colony and Culture.

We will get into:
Christ’s story, Country’s Story, Pioneer’s story, Indigenous’ Story, Community Custodian story & Our stories.

Mr Josh McGuire will be our host to help us understand Indigenous issues. Rev Dr Ian Robinson will enable us to integrate biblical knowledge with our desert experience empowering us to apply this knowledge to our life. We will be exploring land near the largest Salt Lake in WA North West of Kalgoorlie.

Cost $700 Max- payable to TEAR W.A. RSVP & $200 deposit to by March 1st 2010 or enquiries on 94435100.

Desert Spirit Journey for Young Adults 2010