David Spittler Parish Visit – The Asylum Seekers Centre

David Spittler will be visiting Perth in the first half of 2010, he will be available to speak on Sunday 2 May if anyone is interested in taking up the opportunity. David started working at the Asylum Seekers Centre in 6 February 1997, and since then has been working as the Facilitator for nearly 13 years. The Centre is a “wholly voluntary Christian response to the material needs of asylum seekers and refugees”. It is a ministry of faith based on Matthew 5:16 and Matthew 28:35.
David originally from Perth has a Diploma of Theology in Ministry from Ridley College, and prepares and preaches from the Lectionary. As at 1 January 2010 David has spoken in 153 Anglican Churches in the Melbourne Diocese, and has also spoken in Anglican churches in Ballarat, Bendigo, Brisbane, Gippsland, North Queensland and Perth during this time. If you are interested please contact David on his e-mail address to book/discuss a suitable date in 2010.