Climate Change Prayer

The Council of Churches of WA invites you to join in a prayer vigil to support the discussions at the UN Convention on Climate Change in Copenhagen in December this year.
Mankind has already added enough greenhouse gases in the atmosphere to raise temperatures to a dangerous level, and this is already leading to increased incidences of drought, heatwaves and heavy storms. The purpose of an ambitious and effective international climate change deal is to avoid catastrophic climate change and to help the most vulnerable countries adapt. The world has only a very narrow window of opportunity to undertake a first dramatic shift towards a low carbon society and to prevent the worst scenarios of scientists from coming true.
The UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen this year will be the moment in history in which humanity has the opportunity to rise to the challenge.

Why is it so important that a deal be clinched this year?

The existing legally binding agreement which governs carbon emissions – the Kyoto Protocol – expires in 2012. In order to take mankind into a sustainable and equitable future, an ambitious new deal needs to be agreed this year so that national governments time to prepare for implementation beyond 2012.

What has to happen at COP15 so that it can be termed a success?

The Copenhagen agreed outcome need not resolve all details, but it must provide clarity on four key issues: The first is clarity on the mid-term emission reduction targets that industrialised countries will commit to. Second, there must be clarity on the actions that developing countries could undertake to limit their greenhouse gas emissions. Third, it must define stable and predictable financing to help the developing world reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to the inevitable effects of climate. And finally, it must identify institutions that will allow technology and finance to be deployed in a way that treats the developing countries as equal partners in the decision-making process.

We are planning a number of ways that individuals and Churches can be part of the prayer vigil.

  1. Join us in an ecumenical prayer service on Friday 4th December at 12 noon at a venue to be announced.
  2. Take time to pray using our prayer resource each day from 4th December through to 18th December -the end of the UN Convention on Climate Change.
  3. Join our facebook group or follow us on twitter
  4. Encourage your church to take part in prayer for the earth, using our resources, on the 6th and 13th December 2009.

We will have resources available to assist you -on our website in coming weeks.

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