CCWA General Meeting 2009

The Council of Churches of Western Australia held their General Meeting on the 24th of October, 2009 at the Church of Christ Wembley Downs. The meeting opened with worship led by the Church of Christ Wembley Downs, with Rev Dennis Ryle sharing reflections on Mark 10:46-52. Following the formalities of the opening of the meeting, we heard from the Peace Church, currently being hosted at Church of Christ Wembley Downs, on their experiences with running this movement. The Australian Student Christian Movement launched their book “A Century of Influence –The Australian Christian Student Movement 1896-1996” launched by Rev Alan Matthews. General Secretary Rev Eira Clapton was farewelled, and she shared some of her memories of 10 years as General Secretary at the Council of Churches. Bishop Tom Wilmot then led reflections and prayers for the environment, in preparation for Planet Prayer, a period of prayer for the COP15 Climate Change talks in Copenhagen.

This edition of Together Online has copies of some of the speeches at the General Meeting. Be sure to check them out.

Bishop Tom’s reflections have not been received at the time of publication, but shall be posted as soon as they are received. Stay tuned.